Following the “Ujinga Bye-Bye!” entry a couple weeks back, I am happy to now be able to post the results of the 2017 cohorts after a full year’s intervention with The Toa Nafasi Project.

Check out the graphs below from each of Toa’s four participating school sites and revel with us in the results from the first assessment in February 2017, the second in August 2017, and the third and final in February 2018.

Nearly every child made significant strides in the year that he or she spent receiving intense tutorial services from our Toa teachers.  Those who are still faltering are continuing to receive that help and those who need a more intense intervention are working with the staff at the Gabriella Center to determine what supports will be best for them.

Now, we turn our attention to the 2018 cohorts in earnest.  Testing is finished, but as Hyasinta is constantly reminding me, we are late this year to run parent interviews and start taking students on referral appointments.  That all changes the month of May!  Hapa kazi tu!!