As I mentioned last week, I’ve been doing my rounds of each of the participating public primary school sites where Toa has a presence, just checking in and making sure things are going as they should.  I usually go on Fridays which are Toa “fundays,” so I get to see our students at their happiest….and funniest.  Our tutors too – after a long week of teaching literacy and numeracy, they really enjoy just chilling with the kids and having a laugh before getting some rest on the weekend.

Check out these videos from Kiboriloni Primary School where I was late for the actual games, but got there in time for the tail-end of some singing and dancing.  The first song is oddly about cleaning a car and shaking your body.  The second is actually educative about someone named Sabina who apparently is great at math.  The third is about various fruits and sung to the tune of “Frère Jacques.”  And the final one has the kids twisting down to the ground and back up again.  Enjoy!