Hi all and salaams from Moshi, Tanzania where the current temperature is somewhere in the 30s C/90s F and we are all just about to die of heatstroke.

Carla has gone to take a mid-day hours-long nap while Drogo has parked himself under my car (also parked) trying to find some shade.  As for me, I’m at home in shorts and a tank top trying to get my brain to function to do some computer work.  I’d say in all honesty, I am probably only at half-capacity….  I’m pretty sure I’ve already used this blog title before…. 🙂

At any rate, I wanted to share some photos and reports from our first parents’ meeting of the year.  It occurred at Moshi Primary School on Friday, January 25th.  In attendance were our delegation (Hyasinta as head tutor and project leader, Ema as assistant deputy director, and Augustino as deputy director) as well as the assistant headmistress for the school and her Standard One teaching staff.

Toa tutors stationed at Moshi Primary School – Haika, Emma, and Sarah – flank Ema and Hyasinta

Per Augustino’s report, the team explained the Toa mission to the parents and gave them a chance to ask questions such as:
  • I have another child in Standard Four, can he join the Toa program?
  • At what time does Toa tutor pupils?  Is it within or out of school time?
  • For how long will Toa continue to work with our kids?
Augustino and crew stressed the need for parental cooperation throughout the school year and reported back that all the parents who showed up were ready to work with us and appreciate what Toa does.
Toa’s head tutor and project leader, Hyasinta Macha, takes center stage
Our crew speaks to the parents of Standard One students at Moshi Primary School
Emanuel Mnubi, assistant deputy director, chills under the Moshi Primary School signboard
Toa tutor Emma Kulata on the left and Hyasinta on the right
Sarah Minja, head tutor for this particular school site, takes Hyasinta’s place on the right and Haika Motta kneels down in front
With one parents’ meeting successfully completed, Team Toa is ready to face the remaining eight school sites and hopefully have similar results from the parents and caregivers who attend.  Onward and upward!