Hey hey ho ho, I’m currently writing to you all on a chilly spring day in New York City where I’ve just touched down for a hot minute.

Back in the U.S. to attend to some administrative tasks, I’ll be here for the next eight weeks or so before returning to Tanzania to prep for the IASE conference in Lushoto in July.

In my absence, Team Toa is being held down by Hyasinta as Project Leader, a job she is both very much used to as well as perfectly competent at; Ema Mnubi as Assistant Deputy Director, primarily in charge of the tutors’ professional development workshops, liaising with Toa partners like Gabriella Center on the ground in Moshi, and some finance and administration chores; and Augustino Valerian as Deputy Director and operations guru; it is Augustino these days who is truly keeping Toa’s programming wheels moving and making sure we are on schedule with our timetable.

Just before I left Moshi, we moved office yet again as our last spot was not quite the right fit for several reasons.  Now fixed up with a space in the “Neneu” building in the heart of downtown Moshi, I am hopeful that this new office will be our “forever home” as it were.

Check out the staff unpacking and doing as much work as is possible in an office with no desk nor chairs!  Wote mnakaribishwa (all are welcome) for a visit!!