Sweet Sixteen

March 20, 2018

So, I’m just over a month late in writing about the tremendous 5th anniversary celebration of The Toa Nafasi Project, but just like with my real “sweet sixteen,” let’s chalk … Continue reading

The Amazing Face

March 15, 2018

In a quick coda to my last entry about 2018 intake, I just wanted to share a few more of the amazing new faces I’ve been meeting as I traverse … Continue reading

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackboard

March 12, 2018

Greetings, dear readers, and many salaams from a fairly cool and cloudy Kilimanjaro.  I hope you’ve all been keeping well, wherever in the world you may be. We’ve been awfully … Continue reading

Momager Dearest

March 4, 2018

Some people have moms, some have managers, and some are lucky enough to have a two-in-one collabo – though I will concede that most of those people are noxious child … Continue reading

C4(H) – Pow!

February 19, 2018

Greetings, readers, and hope this blog post finds you all well.  I alluded in the last entry to the seminar that Carla and I attended earlier this month, and now … Continue reading

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

February 11, 2018

To borrow the phrase from Papa Hemingway seems a fitting manner in which to describe this stellar library where I had the pleasure of spending two full days in peaceful … Continue reading

Zee End of Zee Day

February 7, 2018

Back in Moshi and back at work, same as it ever was. However, I have a good feeling about this year; something feels fresh and clean, bright and shiny.  Maybe … Continue reading

The Parent Trap

January 27, 2018

On my last night in New York for the foreseeable future, I leave you with this article from the Citizen.  It concerns parental contributions to students’ tuition and other school … Continue reading

What a Mess Is Texas

January 25, 2018

A story that has been breaking stateside in the last couple weeks but probably has not gotten its due attention, either here in the U.S. or abroad, is the recent … Continue reading

Peridot Is a Girl’s Best Friend

January 19, 2018

Sometimes in life, you meet the coolest people and make the craziest connections and it’s as though they were just meant to be a part of your story from that … Continue reading

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