Hi all, a little late to post this one as we have been back from Zanzibar a week now; but we did not come back alone, rather with a flu somewhere on par with the Bubonic, so forgive my tardiness in writing. 
As you may recall, our educational consultant, Angi Stone-MacDonald, is in Zanzibar at the State University for the academic year 2016-2017, and has been unable to come to Moshi.  So, Moshi just had to go to her! 
Needing her wisdom on how to enter the data we’ve culled from the children’s assessments, I went armed with last year’s 3rd tests and an irrational fear of Excel spreadsheets. 
Not wanting to brave the world of cells and sums alone, I took my lil’ liege, Kaitlin, along for the ride and off we went to Stone Town. 
Though we did indeed do work on Thursday and Friday, I will say that a fair part of our trip was NSFW, which is what you get when you put together a 19-year-old and a 42-year-old (median age = 30.5years) after two months of solid, nonstop, grueling fieldwork, and send them off to an exotic island with fruity drinks. 
Just kidding, we were very well-behaved, and I totally killed at Excel.  But we did both manage to come down with the flu and basically crawled our way back to Moshi. 
Since then, it’s been a long road back to recovery, but we made it to school on Thursday and Friday of this week and imparted our newfound wisdom on to the teachers. 
Below, check out a view of the Indian Ocean; my selfie; what our Excel spreadsheets should look like; Kaitlin dying on the plane back to Moshi; and a video of the teachers this past week sorting the new exams for us to begin data entry for 2017.  Hurrahs all around!