In Swahili, the national language of Tanzania, a word that is frequently heard is ahsante (or, alternately spelled, asante) which means “thank you.”  It is a word we at Toa say an awful lot throughout the year, but never more so than in these autumn months as the current year winds down and we gear up for the new one.

Having just landed in New York a few short days ago, I am still on Tanzanian time, but will soon be making the most out of my annual stateside sojourn before returning to Moshi a couple weeks before Christmas.  During my time in New York and Washington DC, I will be meeting with the U.S. board of directors; making updates and edits to the website and the rest of Toa’s online presence; calling on major donors and trying to meet new ones; and fundraising in every possible manner of the word!  Because of the proposed expansion in 2019, we are going to need a lot of support going forward, and I’ve got eight short weeks in which to raise further awareness of Toa, ensure regular contributions come in as expected, and basically shake that money tree until it rains!

In advance of that, the tutors and students and I decided to do something different this year to express our thanks for the support from our donor community.  There is no finished product just yet, but have a look at some thank-you cards designed by the kids and an outtake of a video of the tutoring staff.

As always, Toa thanks you for your friendship and looks forward to a great end of 2018 and start of 2019.  Ahsante!