Hello, dear readers!  Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend filled with lots of family, friends, food, and fun.  I am back in NYC after a few days down in my hometown of Washington, DC.

Now, I don’t care too much for Black Friday or Cyber Monday (I mean, I can make any day a good shopping day if I set my mind to it!), but Giving Tuesday is another matter.  Giving Tuesday 2018 was just yesterday, November 27th, and I am sure a lot of you all gave to charities near and dear to your hearts, hopefully The Toa Nafasi Project being one of them.

To remind you what you’re giving to when you donate to Toa, our grants manager, Allison Taylor, has prepared this graphic which we’re calling “The Toa Nafasi Project–In a Nutshell!”  This is primarily for people who may have heard of us and wondered who we are, what we do, and why we do it; this little document should clear things up nicely.

Should you still have questions about our program, want to contribute for something specific (tutors’ salaries or professional development, students’ school supplies or medical treatments, or boarding fees at our partnering locally-run special education rehabilitation center, for example), or have an interest in volunteering, please write to us at info@toanafasi.org.  We’d love to hear from you!