This week we, in the United States, celebrated Thanksgiving, a holiday in which we acknowledge what we are grateful for in our lives and why.

I personally love being home for this holiday and am happy to be celebrating with family and friends in my hometown of Washington, DC.

That said, I don’t have much to blog about Toa-wise at the moment.  The Project is rolling along, currently in the hands of the staff back on-the-ground in Moshi, giving me this time to rest and be with loved ones.

Sentimental old biddy that I am, I found this piece from the CBS News series “A More Perfect Union” about a disabled high school student who, used to years of being shunned at school, experienced a major sea-change when members of the student council took him under their wing.

Remembering my own school experiences and knowing those of children I have worked with at Toa, Andrew Kirby’s story immediately uplifted my spirit as it seems to embody the “warm, fuzzy” feeling for which Thanksgiving is known.  Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did; I’ll be back next week resuming Toa-related content.