It’s a new calendar new year and, with its onset here in Tanzania, a new academic year as well.

This Friday, The Toa Nafasi Project held its first teachers’ meeting with our old and new staff.  The meeting was led by Toa’s new deputy director, Augustino Valerian (more will be written about our personnel changes at a later date), and of course, the indomitable Hyasinta Macha, who has been our Head Teacher and Project Leader for several years now.

See below photos of our gorgeous group of Toa teachers, 27 (!!) in all, not counting Hyasinta as well as a video of Augustino fielding a question about changamoto or challenges that the teachers faced in their first week at our 9 (!!) participating public primary school sites, all within Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro Region, but spread across 8 (!!) different wards.

My, how we have grown, eh?  😉

Toa teachers old and new gather for the first meeting of the new year


Augustino at the helm


Augustino addresses Mwalimu Oliva who is stationed at Magereza Primary School, one of our new sites, located within Moshi’s prison walls (!!)