Last post, I promised to show some of the outcomes from Kaitlin’s training sessions with the tutoring staff here in Moshi.  Without further ado, please find below video of our wee one teaching.

First she challenges Mwalimu Nelly to come up with a play-based lesson to help children with reading syllables, particularly out of order.

Then she hears Mwalimu Leah’s idea about using the game Musical Chairs to help kids learn numeracy.

Mwalimu Glory Chacky comes up with an idea for using natural resources as manipulatives to help kids learn to count.

And, finally, Mwalimu Dorin Ulomi uses common household items like kitchen utensils for counting exercises.

All in all, I’d have to proclaim Miss Kaitlin’s stay a great success.  Her youth and enthusiasm never fail to invigorate all of us here at Toa and we’re happy to have her back any time she wants!  Ahsante sana, Kaitlin!!