Hey all, and greetings from a finally quiet house in Moshi.  With my mom and Kaitlin gone, I can now get through some emails and attend to my own work on the computer.  Simon is taking care of finances and HR.  Augustino and Ema are managing the tutors and school sites.  And Hyasinta is supervising the finishing up of the observation period this week so that we will be ready to start testing soon thereafter.

I’ll try to be more timely in my posts going forward, but for now, let me backtrack to Thursday, January 31st, the first payday of the year for the staff of The Toa Nafasi Project.

Augustino, our new deputy director, ran the meeting starting with an explanation of NSSF, the social security benefits program in Tanzania in which our staff are enrolled.

Then he moved on to tax, or PAYE, as it’s called here.  (Of course, me being the daughter of a preeminent international tax attorney, I had to get a few words in as well.  2019 will NOT be seeing the tax problems we dealt with in 2018, that’s for dang sure!!)

Check out a few more images from the first payday of 2019!

Augustino at the head of the class.


Augustino calling names to be paid.


Augustino explaining to Teacher Nell about her paycheck.


Hyasinta and Augustino calling others to be paid.


Ema and Hyasinta deep in conversation.


Simon on the sidelines.


Mama in the back!