Okay, no shade to Salt-N-Pepa, but they have NO clue what it really means to “talk about sex”!  Let’s let the staff of The Toa Nafasi Project show them!!

As part of our professional development workshops that happen every Friday, we recently engaged Dora, a KCMC (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center, Moshi’s best hospital) employee, to come speak to our staff about family planning.

It’s important to note that, while we support our staff in building their families, we also want them to know that they are agents in the planning of those families.  Supporting this theory, Toa’s Deputy Director, Augustino Valerian, made contact with Dora to come and talk to our staff about this very prescient issue.

Check out the photos and videos below!

Dora from KCMC dropping knowledge

Dora’s second act of her two-part appearance

Okay, is everybody taking notes?

Walimu wa mradi wanamsikiliza Dora

(The teachers from the project listen to Dora)

Depo Provera, baby.  Or no baby.  It’s a personal choice!

IUD, baby.  Or later baby.  It’s family planning!!

A few giggles here as the ladies discuss some well-founded fears their partners might have about having sex with these heretofore unknown birth control methods

There are actually some Americans who could use this lecture based on “science and research” about waiting between child #1 and child #2

Dora drops the final hammer with her “reasons why” one might wait to have another child: returning to work, trouble with your partner, exhaustion, mood swings, etc.

Dear Dora, The Toa Nafasi Project thanks you for these two fantastic workshops!  We welcome you back to chat to us anytime!!