Hey everybody!  This blog post is a quick reminder that we are just under two months away from the 16th biennial conference of the International Association of Special Education to be held at Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University in Magamba, Tanzania, just near the town of Lushoto.

All of us at The Toa Nafasi Project are super excited for this incredible event to finally take place.  It’s been a good eighteen months since our first recon mission to Lushoto to check out SEKOMU and its environs and ensure its suitability for an international conference.  Since October of 2017, the good people at the university have been hard at work anticipating conference-goers’ needs and setting up for what will surely be an amazing coming together of the best minds in the forefront of the field of disability and special education needs.

The former provost of SEKOMU, Anneth Munga, wrote to me recently saying, “In Tanzania we say kutoa ni moyo, usambe ni utajiri meaning that giving derives from the heart, not from wealth.”  She went on to urge, “Instead of excusing ourselves for what we don’t have, let us reach out to those in need with what we do have.”  This kind of altruism and human spirit is what this conference embodies and all of us at Toa, at SEKOMU, and at IASE welcome you to share in its warm glow.

Please join us in July (14th through 17th) for the 16th biennial conference of the IASE where the theme will be “Empowering Persons with Disabilities: Developing Resilience and Inclusive Sustainable Development.”