Hello, dear readers, and a hearty pole sana (so sorry) for being super-late in getting a blog post up.  It has been a very busy time!  We are back in Moshi and back at work after the IASE conference in Lushoto (blog post on that to come) as well as a week of trainings prior to the conference from four remarkable volunteers (blog post on that to come too!)

For now, I leave you with some interesting data collected by the tutoring staff and presented by Augustino.  I think you all know that Toa works with the Response to Intervention (RTI) model as shown in the diagram below.

After our initial assessment of each Standard One child in the early months of the school year, we are able to loosely deduce which tier each student will fall into and this is what determines who will be a “Toa Kid” or not.  Note that there is plenty of mobility amongst the tiers.  Obviously, we want Tier 3 pupils to move up to Tiers 2 and 1, but we also know that some kids who we’ve originally grouped in Tiers 1 and 2 could fall back into Tier 3.  They might have had a good day at the time of assessment, but really require more support or they might start to lag behind because of other issues: trouble at home, physical or psychosocial issues, or simply being able to grasp easier material but as the year goes on, having trouble with harder concepts.  We’ve seen it all!

This year, because we are now in nine schools, I thought it would be interesting to know the initial groupings in each school site – which has the highest number of Tier 3s and which the least, etc. – so I asked Augustino to prepare the graphs below based on our discoveries after the first assessment.  He did not disappoint!  Please have a gander at some very interesting findings, I think….  The second assessment will occur in October, six months after the first, and the third and final assessment will take place in April 2020.  So, stay tuned for the progress of our “2019 Toa Kids!”

NB: Next couple of blog entries will (hopefully) be about the volunteers and the conference as there’s lots of meat on those bones, and polepole I will get there….