So, my friends, I am now back almost two weeks in America, specifically New York City, and just finding my sea legs.  It’s not that NYC is a new environment for me (I was just here in the Spring for eight weeks and I generally spend the Fall here anyway); rather, it’s that I know there is no “home” for me anymore in Tanzania.

I relinquished the house I’d been renting for the past six or so years.  I turned over my car to Toa.  I brought my beloved cat with me 10,000 miles from Kilimanjaro to the Empire State.  So you could definitely say that this homecoming has been more emotionally charged than any other.  But with Toa safely under local leadership, it was the right thing to do.

All of that said, I do have a report from the front line to share with you!

As you all know, we started out as a pilot project in 2013 in one school with one lovely teacher, the late Mwalimu Vumi.

In 2015, because the workload was becoming too much for just the two of us, we added some other teachers to our roster.

In 2016, we expanded into an additional three schools, all neighboring, and added another new cohort of tutoring staff.

And then just this year, we expanded again into five more schools, not neighboring but rather all over Moshi Municipality, and under the directive of the District Education Office, so we hired a whopping fifteen new staff members.

Now, for 2020, we have plans to expand into two more schools and in order to do so, we have begun the process of interviewing, hiring, and training an additional three tutors.

I do not yet know who these young women will be as I’ve left the activity entirely with Augustino, Ema, and Hyasinta, but I do know that things are underway and I was impressed by the interview questions that Augustino shared with me last week and which I have posted here for your perusal.

What do you guys think?  Personally, I’m thinking they got this and that, at least for the moment, my move back to the States was a pretty good one.  🙂


1.) Kwa nini uliamua kuwa mwalimu?  (Why did you decide to become a teacher?)

2.) Kwa nini unataka kufanya kazi na Mradi wa Toa Nafasi?  (Why do you want to work with The Toa Nafasi Project?)

3.) Ni aina gani ya sifa ambazo wanafunzi huangalia kwa mwalimu?  (What kind of qualities do students look for in a teacher?)

4.) Ili mwalimu aweze kufanikiwa anapaswa kuwa mtu wa aina gani?  (What kind of person must a teacher be to be successful?)

5.) Unawezaje kuwa na nidhamu, na nini mchango wa nidhamu katika kujifunza?  (How can you be disciplined, and what is the role of discipline in learning?)

6.) Kuna umuhimu gani wa kumsaidia mtoto akiwa katika madarasa ya chini mfano chekechekea/la kwanza?  (What is the importance of helping a child in the lower classes eg kindergarten/first grade?)

7.) Je, ni njia gani sahihi ya kumsaidia mtoto?  (What is the right way to help a child?)

8.) Je, unadhani ni kitu gani muhimu unatakiwa kumfundisha mtoto?  (What do you think is the most important thing you should teach a child?)

9.) Ni kwa namna gani unawahusisha wazazi kuhusu watoto wao shuleni?  (How do you involve parents about their children at school?)