I am happy to announce that the interviewing and hiring process of our 3 new tutors is complete.  To refresh your memories, we have been asked to expand – again at the request of the District Education Office in Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro Region – into 2 additional public primary schools.  To be frank, the DEO would probably like us to scale up at a much faster rate, but since we are still gathering our resources (human, financial, and everything in between), we thought it would be safer and more effective to go a bit polepole.  That said, after the rather large jump from 4 to 9 schools this year, 2020 will see The Toa Nafasi Project in a total of 11 public primary schools in Moshi.

Since I am now working out of New York City, I’m just reporting on what I’ve been told from the front line.  From Deputy Director Augustino Valerian in Moshi:

“On Friday, September 6th we have conducted interviews for new tutors.  There were 13 applications and we called 8 candidates for interview.  Our aim is to get 3 new tutors.  Everything went fine and we will let those who passed the interview as well as those who didn’t to know their status after one week.  I was surprised to see all of the candidates except one have certificates in Early Childhood Education.”

I have just been informed that the final decisions have been made, a process that I am sure was a difficult one, but I am pleased to introduce (from left) Walimu Pendonsiana, Hajra, and Sauda.  Won’t you join me in giving them a hearty welcome to Toa Nafasi?!