Hello all, and salaams from New York City where I have now been repatriated for about a month.  I’m usually here during this time of year for our Fall fundraising campaign and Giving Tuesday anyway, so it does not feel that strange to be here, but what does feel bizarre is knowing that I’ve relinquished my beautiful old house in Moshi and have no return ticket back to Tanzania anytime soon.

Still, it’s been the right thing to do and I have a ton of exciting projects in the pipeline, so there’s no time to dwell on what I’m missing on the other side of the world.  I must simply trust that Augustino, Ema, and Hyasinta have all things Toa in hand.

That said, I can report that under Hyasinta’s direction, the tutoring staff have begun the second assessment of our Tier 2 and Tier 3 cohorts for 2019 so that by next month sometime, we will have that data to show you.  It’s only six months into our intervention, but we generally do see good results by this time.  So, stay tuned!

Augustino continues to send students with our “medical team” on referral appointments for everything from vision testing to skin allergies to therapeutic visits to ENT surgeries.  And Ema is constantly working with our current partners such as The Gabriella Centre and Building a Caring Community as well as new ones like Kipepeo and Tai Tanzania to ensure that our students receive all the services they require.

We’ve also invested in better equipment for capturing photos and videos to tell the Toa story, and I am happy to share some of the latest images below.  The majority of the photos were snapped by Toa’s resident paparazzi, Ema! Enjoy!!

Ema and Augustino flank Mama Anna Mghwira, Regional Commissioner of Kilimanjaro


Yours truly bidding goodbye to Headmaster Mlinga of Msandaka Primary School on my last day in Moshi


Mwalimu Glory C. reads to a group of students at Shaurimoyo Primary School


Mwalimu Oliva works on math skills with a student at Magereza Primary School


Hyasinta distributes Toa tees to our new tutors Pendonsiana, Hajra, and Sauda


The new tutors spend their first three months with us observing and learning the Toa way of teaching


Augustino is the big boss now!


Why we do what we do!