I am pleased to share the great news that The Toa Nafasi Project has hired Navoneiwa Sylvester Mavoa to be our first-ever office manager at our office in downtown Moshi!

Born in 1985 in Same district, Kilimanjaro region, Navo has a diploma in tourism which she put to good use working for Kindoroko Hotel as Tour Manager.  Following that, she worked as a secretary for Solani and Company accountants which happens to be Toa’s very own accounting firm.

Augustino did the recruiting and hiring for this position and he shared with me the interview questions he asked, some of which can be found below:

1.) What is your understanding of the office manager role?

2.) How do you keep yourself organized when dealing with tasks and requests from multiple sources?

3.) What do you think are the key personal strengths of an office manager?

4.) What office management software are you familiar with?

5.) Talk about a situation where you had to handle a difficult client.

6.) Which office manager duties do you enjoy most and which least?

7.) How do you handle confidential information?

8.) Do you work well in a team environment?  In what ways?

9.) Have you applied for any other job opportunities recently?

10.) What sets you apart from other office managers that we’re interviewing for this position?

After interviewing 6 candidates over the course of an entire week, Augustino settled on Navoneiwa and she joined our team on November 1st.  Karibu sana Mradi la Toa Nafasi, Navo!!