Greetings readers, and for those of you in the United States, we hope you had a fine Thanksgiving holiday and that the merriment continues all weekend long.  As you know, next week is #GivingTuesday and we at The Toa Nafasi Project are still hard at work raising awareness of this important day of global giving.

Toa Nafasi has had tons to give thanks for in 2019: burgeoning local leadership; continued contributions from former donors and new support from recently developed relationships; an expansion of our tutoring staff which means an expansion of the students we are able to support; and I for one am thankful for the gift of being able to come home to my own country and pursue a few personal undertakings at my own pace.

However, giving thanks for what we have received does not mean resting on our laurels.  No sir, we at Toa are actively pursuing NEW laurels to conquer in 2020.  😉  To that end, and within our partnership with the District Education Office of Moshi Municipality in Kilimanjaro, we are currently prepping to enter into 2 additional schools in 2 additional wards.  This expansion along with the development of our local leadership are the themes for this giving season for Toa, kicking off on Tuesday, December 3rd.

Our team on the ground in Moshi has already gone ahead and made the initial introductions and surveys and we are set to add Kaloleni Primary School in Kaloleni Ward and Jitegemee Primary School in Pasua Ward to our roster of participating public primary school sites, bringing the total numbers to 11 schools in 10 wards!  However, we cannot do this without YOU, our friends and donors.

Perhaps if you know that Ema, our Assistant Deputy Director, and main liaison to the DEO – he says that sometimes it is hard for him to exit the building as everyone there wants to talk with him and they love Toa so much!! 🙂 – conducted the surveys along with Tutor Leader Hyasinta, you’ll be spurred to make a gift….?  Check out what they reported back:

“Today I went to the new schools (Jitegemee and Kaloleni) with Hyasinta for our formal introduction, but before that I went first to the DEO’s office to see if they had already written to the headmasters/mistresses of these new schools.  Luckily I found that they had, so the meetings went so well, and we were received greatly and with honor.  The HMs of both schools thought Toa is a wonderful project and a meaningful investment from the donors as they help us to create a better world, an even better reward than their money!  We got a very beautiful classroom at Jitegemee which has 800 students in total.  At Kaloleni, they said they will make room for us as they cannot afford to pass up the opportunity have us.  It is a very populated school with over 1000 students in total.”

Now, how can you NOT make a small donation to help us with this important work?  Should you be so inclined, please do feel free to give here or send in any amount to our post office box in New York: The Toa Nafasi Project P.O. Box 20086 New York NY 10014.

In the meantime, please have a look at some photos of these 2 new Toa sites below!

Mwalimu Prisca Moshi, Headmistress of Kaloleni Primary School, on the left with Hyasinta, Toa Nafasi Tutor Leader, on the right

Students at Kaloleni fetching water from the school well

Children at Kaloleni coming in to face their teachers

Mwalimu Anna Kisenge, Headmistress of Jitegemee Primary School in Pasua Ward