So, I’ve heard everybody knows that the bird is a word, but did y’all know that “the graph is the path”??  😉

Whether you prefer your “Surfin’ Bird” dance beat from The Cramps, The Ramones, or the originators of this silly ditty, The Trashmen, I think we can all agree on just how awesome these graphs below are, and how they are indicative of the direction in which this year’s Toa Nafasi cohorts are headed!

In 2019, Toa operated in 9 public primary schools and assessed over 800 students, going on to support 650 of them in various ways.  For the most part, our services consisted of our one-of-a-kind pullout program for kids found to be flagging in the lessons taught in the regular primary school classroom.  When we discover a child who needs this assistance, we enroll them in our program and provide remedial tutoring following the standard national curriculum of Tanzania but modifying the pedagogy so that learners with different styles can catch on and keep up.  In 2019 – as in every year before – some of these children also needed medical or psychosocial support while still others required interventions above and beyond what Toa typically offers and so were referred to our local partners who could better serve their needs.  We at Toa never like to leave anyone behind if we can help it and count on all our partners and resources to find an appropriate solution for each child/family.

The graphs below show the difference in test results from our initial assessment in April 2019, about 3.5 months into the school year and October 2019, 6 months after the first test.  The third and final test will happen in April 2020, after a full year of Toa’s intervention.  We will gladly bring you those results in about five months’ time!!

Told you.  Everybody knows that the bird is a word….