So, I think you guys will remember from this blog post late last year that we made a friend on Twitter, Kristin Wiens, a Special Education Curriculum Coordinator in Canada who creates incredible sketchnotes covering everything from “child honouring” to mindfulness to self-regulation.  Because the notes are heavy on graphics and light on text, we at Toa Nafasi thought such image-driven messages would work well in Tanzania where less emphasis is placed on the written word than on oral or visual storytelling.

We translated Kristin’s “Brighten Up a Student’s Day” from English into Swahili and gifted a large poster to each of the 11 public primary school sites in which Toa currently has a presence.  Below, check out the huge smiles on Toa staff members’ faces as they present each headmaster and headmistress with their own banner, reminding each teacher of the *small* things they can do to create a positive learning environment for their pupils.

Once again, ahsante sana, Kristin!