Parents meetings continue apace in Moshi, and I believe we have completed the exercise at 9 out of 11 schools at this point.  Remember that we conduct these get-togethers concurrently with a six-week-long observation of the new Standard One students prior to formally assessing them in early April.  It’s an exciting time with a new academic year and new potential beneficiaries to work with!

Speaking of new, check out the report and images below from the parents meeting at one of our 2020 expansion schools, Kaloleni Primary!!



PARTICIPANTS: Standard One parents, H/Mistress Mwl. Prisca G. Moshi, Standard One teacher Mwl. A.R. Mlwati, Toa Nafasi staff (Emmanuel Mnubi, Hyasinta Macha, Haika Mota, Clara Munuo, Leah Mboya, Navoneiwa Stanley, and Augustino Valerian)


TIME: 10:00 – 11:10am

FACILITATOR: Emmanuel Mnubi


  1. Opening of the meeting.

Headmistress Mwl. Prisca Moshi opened the meeting by welcoming us and the parents to the meeting.  She introduced us to the parents and talked a little bit about what we are doing before she left for the other meeting she had with education officers who visited her school.  She promised to rejoin us as soon as she finished the meeting.

  1. Introduction of Toa Nafasi staff.

The meeting was opened and Ema introduced himself followed by the rest of the Toa Nafasi staff who attended.

  1. Introduction about The Toa Nafasi Project – History of Toa until expansion.

Ema talked about the partnerships that Toa has with the government (RC Mama Anna, DEO’s office) and the private sector such as Gabriella Center and BCC.  Also, he talked about the 2020 expansion and a little history about how Toa started.

  1. What does The Toa Nafasi Project do?

Hyasinta talked about what we do to identify those students who are going to be beneficiaries of the project.  She talked about observation and the timing for it, and mentioned a few examples on how our tutors conduct it, e.g. is a child coming to school late, dirty, unhappy, doesn’t socialize with others during break time, etc.  She also showed the test we give to the students and explained some of the items to the parents.  Hyasinta spoke about the parents’ interview and provided sample questions we ask.  She explained the medical services we provide to support kids with learning difficulties and the importance of parents in providing correct information during the parents’ interview.  Also, she explained the timetable we teach students with learning difficulties in the public schools.

Then Haika explained about and showed some of the teaching tools we use in our classes and also sports, arts, and games we do with the children at school on Friday Fundays.

  1. What we need from parents.

Ema insisted the parents take the interviews seriously and explained about the kind of information we expect to collect.  He stressed the need of parents to cooperate during the whole period we work together with their children, such as lessons, meetings, clinic visits, etc.

CONCLUSION: Mwalimu A.R. Mlwati reminded parents to participate in the educational development of their children through showing cooperation when they are called into meetings like this one.  Also, to make sure they prepare their children ready for school by giving them the school stationaries required as well as proper school uniforms.  Toa DD Augustino Valerian felt the Toa team did well and arrived on time, which had been an issue in the past.  The parents were very cooperative, and they also arrived on time and showed a good number of attendees.  This year, Toa improved the meetings by having more promotional materials such as 2 standing banners and a bottle of drinking water for each parent.

Hyasinta speaks before the group of parents at Kaloleni Primary School


Leah, Clara, and Ema serve as support staff


Parental turnout was fantastic!


Hyasinta describes the assessment


Leah describes our referral process and situations in which Toa supports a child’s health


Haika talks about how she helps her students with visual differentiation and learning retention


Haika describes how she might use a jumprope game to teach colors or numbers