Hi everyone.  I know things are crazy right now, so I won’t mince words and rather just let these shots taken by our resident paparazzo, Ema, do the talking for me.  They are of two recent events that we participated in along with new Toa partner The Songambele Initiative on the ground in Moshi: the Kilimanjaro Marathon and International Women’s Day.  Enjoy and take care of yourselves!

Augustino and Abdulah of Songambele at the marathon


Ema and Abdulah


Toa tutors get their jog on


The day’s namesake out in all her glory


Members of Toa Nafasi and Songambele pose together after the race


Hyasinta, Sia, and Ema prep the Toa table for International Women’s Day


Guests of honor: Regional Commissioner Anna Mghwira, District Commissioner Kippi Warioba, and the Honorable Lord Mayor (and my former neighbor!), Ray Mboya


The mayor stops by our table to chat – he and Ema are very good friends from school!


Mama Anna passes by as well; she has been a fan of Toa’s since our 5th anniversary celebration in 2018


The Lord Mayor is a very dashing man as you can tell by the love the ladies are giving him!


The coolest customer!


Hyasinta comes in for the photobomb


Marching through Moshi town for IWD


Hyasinta, Glory, Marietha, and Graceanna in their Toa tees


Victoria S and Linah say ” Reject sexual violence, provide equal rights!”


I can see here from left: Marietha, Doreen U, Glory M, Catherine, Rose C, Rehema (in the foreground in the dark brown tee), Glory C, Grace, and Oliva – everyone appears to be having a blast!


From front to back: Imelda, Noela, Victoria M, and Sarah


Even Augustino gets in on the IWD festivities; he’s followed by Glory C and Sauda


Faustina from Songambele is positively triumphant


Women power!!