Earlier this year, we decided to start creating “Alumni Annals” to track the success of children who have gone through the Toa Nafasi program and who have come out stronger as a result of the intervention.

While out of school for the pandemic, our tutors have had time to mull over some of their favorite pupils from Toa years past and share their success stories with the rest of us.

Here is “A Story From Msaranga Primary School, 2014” by Tutor Leader, Hyasinta Macha:

In 2014, we had a child called Godlisten in Msaranga Primary School.  He had been repeating classes and should have been in Standard 3 by then but he was still in Standard 2.

This child was, at first sight, hard to understand because apart from just being difficult to teach, he was discharging saliva all the time.  So everyone in Msaranga ward, we were somewhat convinced that this child was abnormal.

We almost gave up on him, but we encouraged ourselves and decided to help him.

At Toa, we started by teaching him to write and count.  It would take him more than five minutes to write down what we asked him and he would not get it right most of the time, so we would have to repeat the same thing over and over, trying to change teaching scenarios.

He was not able to write even numbers 1-5 in the beginning, but little by little, he began to improve.  By the time, Godi got to the end of Standard 2, he could write up to 50!

And the drooling started to disappear as he became more used to speaking with us regularly and we tried to teach him on how to deal with that issue.

This child, Godlisten, he was one great transformations that I have seen.  He is now in secondary school and doing great.

Little Godi in primary school with Toa co-founder and original tutor, Mwalimu Vumi