Last year, The Toa Nafasi Project operated in 9 public primary schools in Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro, and assessed over 800 students, going on to support 650 of them in a variety of ways.

For the most part, the children are the beneficiaries of our one-of-a-kind pullout program for students found to be flagging in the lessons taught in the regular primary school classroom.  Toa tutors work with the children, following the national curriculum of Tanzania but modifying the pedagogy so that learners with different styles can catch on and keep up.

A while back, we shared with you the results from our initial assessment in April 2019 (about 3.5 months into the school year) and October 2019, 6 months after the first test.  The third and final test for last year’s cohorts occurred in March 2020, after nearly a full year of Toa’s intervention.  You can examine the new results below.

Along the Y axis of each graph, you will find test scores from 0 to 100%.  Along the X axis is each Grade One student indicated by a code so as to protect the child’s identity.  The cutoff score (i.e. where we want students to be so they can move to Grade Two and beyond comfortably) is at 80%.  (Note that Tests 2 and 3 are conducted with the Tier 2 and 3 pupils *only* as the Tier 1s never had any need of Toa’s intervention.)

Test 1 is depicted with the red line; Test 2, the yellow line; and, Test 3 is shown by the green line.  By and large, you can see incredible progress with some schools showing no students at all who require Toa support in 2020.  However, for those who are still testing below 80%, Toa tutors will continue to be available for instruction once schools re-open on June 29th.  In some cases, we will turn to our partner organizations for further interventions in order to make sure that each pupil is “provided a chance” to succeed.

When classes resume, we will also finish the initial assessment for the 2020 students in these 9 public primary schools as well as two more, Jitgemee and Kaloleni, added this year, so that we can finally begin parent interviews and intervention plans.  Hopefully, we’ll have some “Graph Math” for the 2020 cohorts to share with you soon!

Graphs by Augustino Valerian, Deputy Director.