Please meet Catherine Ruseke who is currently stationed as a Toa tutor at Korongoni Primary School in Moshi Town.

“When I was a child, I used to enjoy reading storybooks, playing with friends, and studying.  Apart from that, the challenge I faced during my studies was going to school during rainfall because the road would become full of mud and flowing water which caused me not to reach at school on time and sometimes to miss going to school at all which made me to be punished by teachers.

Before joining Toa Nafasi, I was studying college, also at the same time I was volunteering to teach children at one of the centers in Moshi.  Before graduating college and before getting a job at the center, the place I was working became closed because it was not registered by the Government.  I enjoyed staying with children and teaching them but when the center was closed, I became sad but I expected to get something else to do.

I heard about Toa Nafasi from Teacher Hyasinta, so I started to do research about it so that I could be able to work with Toa Nafasi.  I sent an application and then I was called for an interview and, good enough, I passed the interview and started to work.

Since I started working with Toa Nafasi, my life has changed through getting a salary so now I am able to acquire some of my personal needs but also, I have acquired more knowledge especially on how to teach children with learning difficulties.  If I was not working at Toa Nafasi, I would still be looking for a job which is very hard to get nowadays.

At the place where I come from, I used to see children with disabilities and some were being neglected and not taken to school.  I love children and I feel good to see children getting quality education especially children with disabilities.  The work done by Toa Nafasi motivated me to work with them since they aim at helping children with learning difficulties.

Some of the students I am teaching now understand very well and they are able to read, write, and count.  Also, they are able to accomplish the tasks given to them on time.  Apart from that, some of the children are still struggling to learn and it becomes hard for them since we lack enough cooperation from their parents.  But, through the training of Madam Kaitlin, I have been able to use the methods given on how to teach children which have helped me to be able reach my target.

Something sweet I will never forget is the day I received a call and I was told that I should start working at Toa Nafasi; I was so happy.  Also, I really enjoyed the training from volunteers like Madam Kaitlin and the methods of teaching she used such as games and group discussion.  My perspective has changed a lot since I joined Toa Nafasi.  I have acquired knowledge and skills on how to teach children with learning difficulties by using pictures, games, and songs in lessons.  I advise parents, teachers, and the community at large that they should know that children with learning difficulties need enough time to learn and need attention in learning and they should not be neglected but given support in their studies.”