I am happy to share a brand-new installment of our “Alumni Annals” series in which we feature a child who has gone through the Toa program and come out stronger on the other side.  This story concerns Robison, a Grade One student at Msaranga Primary School in 2014.  My apologies for the poor quality of the photos for this piece; however, I can assure you that all parties mentioned in this story consented to its publication.  The report below was prepared by one of Toa’s longtime tutors, Doreen Mongi.

“At Msaranga Primary School, we had a student called Robison Julius; he started Standard One in 2014.  Madam Flora Temba, a government teacher, said that when Robison started Standard One, he was very polite and liked to isolate himself from others.  After noticing the social problems, Madam Flora cooperated with tutors of Toa Nafasi in helping him and she made a follow-up to know how Robison is progressing.

The father of Robison said when Robison was young, he was very polite and not playing much with friends.  Also, he said tutors of Toa Nafasi told him that Robison had a problem of learning slowly and he didn’t know to read, write, and count.  They told him how they have planned on how to help his son to become a good student.  The father said he would make a proper arrangement on how to teach his son at home and on weekends, and he cooperated with Toa’s tutors to help his son.

Madam Doreen Mongi of Toa Nafasi also observed that Robison liked to isolate himself from others and was too quiet and polite, he didn’t play with his schoolmates.  In class, he couldn’t read or write at all and didn’t like to even try.  Doreen said she and her Toa colleagues used syllable cards and number cards, songs and games like jumping a rope while counting.  After teaching him in this manner for eight months he changed to be a good student.  He started to cooperate with his fellow students in playing, but also he learned to read, write, and count.  He enjoyed studying and started making stories with friends.

Robison is now in Standard Seven and doing well in his studies.  As he was interviewed for this story, he said he loved the tutors of Toa Nafasi because they were not beating him and they were encouraging him to study.  Also they supported him in all manners and every Friday Funday, he participated in sports.  He discovered he enjoyed much playing football and it’s something he looked forward to very much every Friday.

On top of that Robison said, ‘The tutors of Toa Nafasi have helped me to know reading, counting, and writing well and right now I am doing very well in my studies, so I thank them very much.  I hope I will pass very well in my Standard Seven examinations and advance to Form One.’

In addition to that, the parents of Robison appreciate much the work done by Toa Nafasi because their child has become a good student, and he enjoys studying and he is doing very well in all subjects.”