Hello readers.  It gives me great pleasure to finally share with you the results of our initial assessment of the 2020 Standard One students at the 11 participating public school sites at which Toa Nafasi has a presence.

It goes without saying that this year has been a strange one in which every plan has been thrown off course.  For Toa, it is odd that I am sharing the scores of Test 1 2020 at nearly the time we would be conducting Test 2!  Of course, due to the school closures from mid-March to the end of June, we were unable to complete the exercise on time and I only received the spreadsheets at the end of July.  By that point, I had gotten involved in some other initiatives and even after Augustino sent me the results, I delayed in reviewing them until only recently.  My apologies.  Isn’t there some saying that God laughs when humans make plans?

Anyway I digress.  Below you shall find the breakdowns of Tier 1, 2, and 3 students at each individual school and then at all schools combined.  You’ll also see some photos of the staff testing students once we got underway again, masks and all.

Finally, in case you were wondering if we will go ahead with Test 2 at the normal time (usually now, 6 months after the initial test), the answer is….kind of.  We have decided to test a sampling of children who actually completed their assessments in March now to see whether 3.5 months out of school has indeed had the deleterious effect on their learning we think it has.

Either way, we’ll continue on with our intervention for them and for all the kids and we’ll assume that until about September/October 2021, we’ll be working with 2 cohorts concurrently, 2020 and 2021.  This is Covid reality, after all.

Currently, the fundraising team is working up a narrative to raise money to pay for the extra workload and the programming team is ramping up personnel on the ground in Moshi to help with testing, data entry, and tutoring come 2021.

Wish us luck; this is hapa kazi tu for real real.