Get to know Clara Munuo, a longtime Toa tutor, now stationed at Kaloleni Primary School in the ward of the same name, Moshi Municipality.

“When I was a child, I liked very much the subject called Vocational Skills because it was more practical and we were taught to make different things such as pots or cups by using clay.  However, many subjects we were being taught more in theoretical ways that I did not enjoy at all, and it was a big challenge to me.

When I completed my ordinary level secondary school, I did not continue with college so I was just staying at home and involving myself in different domestic activities.  Before joining Toa Nafasi, I was a housewife and I didn’t like that situation of just staying at home and doing only housework.

I heard about The Toa Nafasi Project from one teacher called Madam Vumi (may her soul rest in peace) who was working with Toa Nafasi during that time.  Thereafter I decided to send an application and I was selected to join the team and I started to work.

After starting to work with Toa, it gave me so much respect from the community I live in.  Also, I gained new skills and knowledge on how to work with children.  If I was not working with Toa Nafasi, I would be just a housewife again and I would be back to engaging in the domestic activities.  I greatly love kids and that is my motivation to work with Toa Nafasi.

When I was young, I used to love helping my fellow students in different activities.  For example, I enjoyed teaching them mathematics and Kiswahili.  When I heard about Toa, I was so motivated to work since I love teaching children and I love to see children with learning difficulties becoming good students.

My biggest accomplishment at Toa Nafasi has and will always be the knowledge that I now possess.  I have seen kids who, in a regular setting, are considered incapable of becoming really capable kids and able to go their own way.  Again, I must say I have been able to teach “slow learners” to count, write, and read well.  And I got so much respect from the community and from parents whose children I have helped.

Something I enjoy much from Toa Nafasi are the workshops because I get to meet together with other teachers and discuss different issues and challenges, and share ideas.  I get new knowledge from the training which helps me in teaching the children.

My life changed since I joined Toa Nafasi because back then I could not afford to buy the basic needs for my family, but right now I am capable of providing food and shelter for them.  I have gained knowledge on how to help “slow learners,” but also how to identify a child with difficulties through talking and working closely with him or her.

My advice to parents and teachers but also the community at large is that they should give support to all children, but especially children with difficulties in learning so that they can see themselves as “normal” like others.  They should also show them love and cooperation in order to help them achieve their goals.”