Another Teacher Feature!

Please make the acquaintance of Dorcas Laizer, one of the tutors we brought on for our expansion in 2019.  Dorcas is stationed at Mnazi Primary School.

“When I was a little girl, I loved and enjoyed much staying close to my family members and friends.  I liked that because they showed me much love and care and made me smile all the time.  Also, I loved so much studying and learning new things from the environment.

However, something I did not like about school is that I was not able to get an assistance from teachers privately when I needed them.  I liked to have remedial studies but I failed to get an assistance from teachers.

After completing my secondary school level, I didn’t have a job and was just staying at home and helping in different domestic activities until finally I got a job at a shop.  So before joining Toa Nafasi, I was employed as a shopkeeper.  I did love my shopkeeper job because I was being paid and I was able to meet some of my needs and it’s the work I depended on for living.

I heard about Toa Nafasi from one of my friends who was working there, and she explained to me the kind of work she was doing and I was so much interested.  Later on, she told me that they wanted to employ more tutors and I sent an application, was called for an interview, and passed well enough to begin work.

The Toa Nafasi Project has changed my life a lot: my income has increased, I have met a lot of people and acquired new knowledge concerning schoolchildren, but also I am so respected in the community due the job I am doing.  If I was not working with Toa, I could be doing small business such as selling vegetables and fruits, but also I could still be looking for a job in different areas.

Something which influenced me to come and work with Toa Nafasi is that I had a dream of becoming a teacher and I loved much to teach children.  Since working with Toa, I have acquired much knowledge and skills on how to help children with learning difficulties to become good students.  Back then before starting to work with Toa Nafasi, I had met with one kid who had such problems but I had no skills on how to help her.  Now, I am capable of helping children with learning difficulties to be good students.

Good news about my job: I see children with learning difficulties changing to become good students and they now combine to learn together with the other students.  Again, I feel happy to see students I have taught enjoying school and loving to learn new things quickly.  I have been able to differentiate children with learning difficulties and those with no difficulties.  Also, I have become a good teacher and am getting a good salary which helps me to meet the needs of my family and me on time.

Something that I will never forget which was so painful is the day we lost our fellow teacher Madam Emakulata (Rest in Peace).  She was a good friend of mine: so kind, helpful, and loving.  I always remember her advice and her charming face – may her soul rest in eternal peace.

I have made many achievements towards life ever since I joined Toa Nafasi.  I have managed to rent a room and to buy different household items such as furniture but also I can support myself to meet all the basic needs such as health, shelter, and food.  I have learned so much how to work with my fellow teachers, how to help children, and why some children learn slowly and others learn quickly.

Lastly, my advice to fellow teachers is that they should not hate slow learners, but rather love and support them, encourage them and teach them according to their needs.  And parents should show cooperation to teachers in order to help their children learn better and reach their goals.”