Meet the lovely Glory Chacky who joined The Toa Nafasi Project as a tutor in time for the 2019 expansion from 4 public primary schools to 9.  Glory is quiet and very beautiful and it was a pleasure for me to read this bio in her own words to learn more about her.

She is currently stationed at Shaurimoyo Primary School, one of the “inclusive” government schools in Moshi, meaning they have a SEN unit on-site.  Glory works with the equally lovely Headmaster Mashauri who is employed by the government at Shaurimoyo but who is one of the few who naturally “gets” what Toa is all about.  Enjoy!

“Sleep is awesome!  When I was a little girl, I used to love sleeping too much.  Whenever I fell asleep, I was feeling peace and quiet.  I absolutely loved dreaming.  However, sleeping was so time-consuming and I hated to wake up early in the morning to go to school.  Sometimes I was late to school because I was waking up very late.  Apart from sleep, I did love playing and I enjoyed much the game called Hide and Seek.

I have always had a love for teaching children and when I completed my secondary education, unfortunately I did not get a chance to go to college.  Instead, I started to volunteer as a teacher at one of the primary schools nearby my home.  I enjoyed what I was doing because I loved teaching and staying with the kids.

In 2015 when I was still volunteering, I heard about The Toa Nafasi Project from Madam Hyasinta.  I sent an application and I was selected to work with Toa Nafasi.  This work has changed my life as back then I was so afraid of being independent and standing on my own but after becoming a tutor with Toa, I realize I am capable.

If I was not working for Toa Nafasi, I would still be volunteering to teach children because I do love staying with children.

In my childhood, I remember I used to have a friend who was handicapped and she had learning difficulties.  Her situation motivated me to like teaching and want to help children with learning difficulties.  So, I became very happy the day I started to work with Toa Nafasi because I had a dream of helping children like my friend.

I’m very grateful about my job as I have managed to learn how to budget my salary, buy myself various things, and to help my parents to buy various things they also want.  I also have acquired new knowledge and skills on how to help a child with learning difficulties.

Something which I will never forget is the day I was chosen to start working with Toa Nafasi as I felt like my dream is complete.  Apart from that, another day I will never forget and which was so enjoyable was the International Women’s Day in March 2020.  I met a lot of people and I made new friends and we had so much fun.

My perspective towards my life has changed a lot.  I have managed to help my relatives meet their needs and I have learned how to support struggling learners, to not only tolerate them but to love them.

I advise parents not to discriminate children with disabilities and children with learning difficulties, but treat them normally like other children.  Similarly, teachers should not isolate slow learners but they should show them love and give them support.