Another brand-new Teacher Feature, one I am so excited to post to the blog….

Dorin Mongi, an extended relative of our dear-departed Vumi has come a loooong way since she first joined Toa in 2014.

Not only has Doreen become the mother of her own child, she has grown tremendously in her capacity to support Toa kids and is now a head tutor at one of our newer participating public primary school sites, Shaurimoyo.  Below, please find her story in her own words.


“I had very happy childhood moments.  I would wait for all my family members to come home and start telling me different stories.  I liked very much listening to stories and also I enjoyed reading different storybooks and playing football.

However, I didn’t like school at all because it was very far from my home, therefore most of the time I was being late to reach school and was punished by my teachers, so due to that situation, I hated school.

After graduating my secondary education, I used to stay at my uncle’s house and I started to study computer courses.  After completing my courses, I didn’t have any activity to do and I was just staying at home.  I disliked such a situation and I wished I had a job.

As days passed, later on I heard about Toa Nafasi from my uncle’s wife who was a head teacher at Toa Nafasi.  I really liked how she worked and I was inspired to work with her and with Toa Nafasi.  When I heard that Toa wanted new tutors, I sent an application and I was selected to become a tutor.  It was a very sweet moment of my life which I will never forget.  Also, I remember my mother became very happy when I told her I was going to be a teacher.  She smiled and hugged me as she knew since I was a kid I had a dream of becoming a teacher.

I am so happy to work with Toa Nafasi because it has changed my life a lot.  If I was not working with Toa Nafasi, I would be living a difficult life.  Maybe I would be engaging in small business which would also be difficult because I don’t have any education background concerning business.

At Toa, I have met with slow-learning children and I have helped them to become good students.  I feel happy about my work as I have gained new knowledge and skills.  I have taught many children with learning difficulties and some have now completed Standard Seven as they now know to read, count, and write well, and they are quick at learning new things now and even enjoy studying.

But also I feel happy because I see the community and the government appreciate the kind of work we do with Toa Nafasi.

I really appreciate much Toa Nafasi because my dream was to become a teacher, but I had failed because my parents did not have enough money to send me to college.  Toa has given me a chance to become a good teacher and I enjoy my work very much.  Ever since I started this work, I am capable of being able to meet all my needs and my family’s needs.  Also after becoming a tutor, I became much respected by the community where I live.

My advice to parents is that they should show love and support to their children who have learning difficulties, but also government teachers should not neglect slow learners but they should give them support in order to reach their goals.”