Check out another new Teacher Feature, this time turning our attention to Hajra Lema who joined us just this year for our 2020 expansion into 2 additional schools in 2 additional wards and who is currently stationed at Shaurimoyo Primary School.  I have never met Hajra so it’s nice to be able to get to know her through this posting!


“When I was a little girl I loved much cooking.  My mother used to teach me how to cook different types of food, but I really enjoyed cooking cakes and bites.  Also, I loved studying and playing with friends.

Before joining The Toa Nafasi Project, I was an assistant researcher in one of the programs called kijana wajibika meaning ‘responsible youth’ at the organization Restless Development.  I loved that job and it’s what I depended on for my living, but my contract there ended.

I heard about Toa Nafasi from one teacher who was already employed there and I sent an application letter and was called for an interview.  Luckily enough, I was hired to start working with Toa Nafasi.  This made me very happy because I love children and I enjoy teaching young children especially.

Working at Toa has made me to be respected much by the community where I live as well as enabled me to meet all my needs.  If I were not working with Toa Nafasi, I would just be staying at home and depending on my family for everything.

Before Toa, I knew one child at our home village that had learning difficulties and I used to teach her during the weekends which I really enjoyed.  The act of teaching that child motivated me to apply to go and work with Toa Nafasi so that I can help schoolchildren with learning difficulties to become good students.  Since starting work, I have learned how to be close to children, to take care of children, and to play with children.  Also, I have increased my knowledge of new techniques for teaching children.

I believe I have succeeded a lot in my job as I have taught a lot of formerly ‘slow learners’ and they have become good students, knowing to read, write, and count well.  I have managed to share a feeling of love to the children I teach so they enjoy studying.  Nowadays, I have even managed to provide the basic needs to my parents and not the other way around!

The day that I will never forget was Kilimanjaro Marathon day as actually it was my first time to wear trousers and I laughed at myself but the other tutors were happy and laughed to see me wearing trousers too.  I was so happy; I met a lot of people and made new friends.

My attitude has changed much since I joined The Toa Nafasi Project.  I have become respected at the school where I teach and in the community around me.  Also, I have learned how to cooperate with the project leaders and my fellow tutors in order to reach the goals of Toa Nafasi.

My advice to parents and families is that they should make a follow-up to know the progress of their children and assist them in learning but also, they should show them love and cooperation in every stage of development and learning.”