Please meet Leah Mboya who has been with The Toa Nafasi Project since 2016 previously stationed at Kiboriloni Primary School but now moved waaaay across town to Kaloleni Primary School.  Leah is one of our few tutors who has excellent English language skills, so when we have western volunteers in town, we usually rely on Leah to guide them with their work.


“In my childhood, I loved playing and studying and also I really enjoyed speaking English and learning English language.  However, I had a constant challenge of getting sick from when I was in Standard One.  This challenge made me to not attend school for some time and I used much time staying at home and going to the hospital.  But I thank God that the problem stopped when I was in Form Two and I started to enjoy going to school again.

When I completed my secondary education, I joined a teachers’ college called Northern Highland.  My dream was to be a teacher since I was young, so I enjoyed the courses I was studying and I had a hope that one day I will become a teacher.

I heard about Toa Nafasi from one teacher who was already working with the project and then I made an application and luckily enough I was selected to start working as a tutor.  Toa Nafasi has changed my life a lot as right now I depend on myself in getting my basic needs and I have stopped depending on my parents.  If I was not working with Toa Nafasi, I would probably be engaging in small business or I would be doing any other job which would be helping me in getting my basic needs.

Something which motivated me to work with Toa Nafasi is because I love children and I always had my dream of teaching young children.  I enjoy teaching and I have taught a lot of “slow learners” who have later become good students.

I have experienced a lot of success in my job.  I have learned to become so creative and dedicated in finding various teaching and learning methods that I have managed to teach a lot of children with learning difficulties and they have become good students.  On top of that, I really enjoy when we meet on every Friday for the workshops as I get new knowledge of various things such as new techniques of teaching children and different ways of helping children.

Something I will never forget and which I enjoyed much is the day Toa Nafasi celebrated five years since it was founded.  I was so happy to celebrate together with my fellow workers.  Toa Nafasi has changed my perspective towards life because before, I thought that without higher education a person cannot get a job but right now I have realized that even without a high education a person can be employed and live well.  Furthermore, I have been able to know how to differentiate children with learning difficulties and those who are learning normally.

I advise parents, teachers, and community members that they should not discriminate against children with learning difficulties but they should give them enough time to learn, listen to them, and support them so that they can reach their goals.”