We have a brand-new entry in our Alumni Annals series prepared by Tutor Leader Hyasinta Macha and featuring Vincent, a student at Msaranga Primary School who we first met in 2014.

“There was a student called Vincent who started Standard One in 2014 at Msaranga Primary School.  Madam Flora Temba, a government teacher who was also a class teacher of Vincent said that when Vincent started Standard One, he didn’t like to settle in the classroom and most of the time he was laughing without any reason.  Madam Flora helped Vincent to make sure that he settled in the classroom and she showed much cooperation with the tutors of Toa Nafasi to assess and refer Vincent to receive medical help and therapy so he could become a good student.

Vincent’s mother said when her son was starting Standard One, he didn’t like studying and most of the time he was laughing without a reason.  Also, he had eye problems as his eyes were very wide apart from each other.  But he did enjoy playing football though his fellows were neglecting him and they didn’t like to play with him.  The tutors of The Toa Nafasi Project helped Mama Vincent to know other challenges her son was facing such as his trouble with reading and not knowing how to hold a pencil.  Tutors used different pictures to teach him as well as syllable cards for reading and number cards for counting, and Vincent improved a bit.  The mother cooperated much with the Toa tutors, buying school supplies for him when asked, and when she was told that her son needed to be placed in a Special Education Needs unit at The Gabriella Center, she showed much support.

After reaching to Gabriella, the staff there did an initial assessment of Vincent and decided on an intervention looking at his different challenges such as low confidence, limited skills in some of the self-care activities, limited school ability, limited attention and concentration, etc.  Later on, Vincent improved in self-care, social skills (he enjoys drumming a lot as well as playing with other children), and improved confidence in some activities like schoolwork.  He can now attend classes and settle down when asked.  While at Gabriella, Vincent also learned life skills training like gardening, goat and rabbit keeping, health and hygiene, and money management.

When we talked to Vincent recently, he told us that when he started Standard One he was very happy to wear a new uniform and new shoes but also after reaching at school he was excited to hear a bell ringing because every time a bell rang he knew it was time for sport.  At school, he only liked sport but on top of that he liked the tutors of Toa Nafasi because they were not beating him.  He thanked the Toa Nafasi staff because they showed him love and support and they helped him to know simple things like how to hold a pencil, but also for taking him to Gabriella for more assistance.

Furthermore, Mama Vincent also thanked The Toa Nafasi Project because they have helped her son to become a good student who right now is very confident and has acquired more skills like building houses and making different items.  As of January 2021, Vincent will leave Gabriella behind and be reintegrated back into the public school system at one of the schools in Moshi with a Special Education Needs unit as well as a cadre of Toa tutors to keep an eye on his progress.  They will also continue to communicate with Mama Vincent to make sure that Vincent continues to succeed.”