Every Friday before the tutor workshops in the afternoons, we have “Fundays” in the mornings with the kids.  Since Monday through Thursday at Toa are dedicated to scholastics (literacy and numeracy), we decided that Fridays would be a good time to have our students rest their brains and move their bodies.  We usually do a combination of sport and art as well as song and dance.

On Friday, September 25th, we invited Songambele to the Friday Funday activities at Shaurimoyo Primary School.  They have been joining us each Friday at different schools to meet all the tutors and all the kids and to show that regardless of ability or disability, Fridays are indeed Fundays.  Enjoy the report from Moshi below!


“There were sport and games at Shaurimoyo Primary School starting at 10am on Friday, September 25th.  Toa Nafasi tutors Glory Chacky and Doreen Mongi had prepared two games to play with children: skipping rope and a game called rede.

Apart from that, there were visitors, Mr. Abdul and Miss Lillian, from the Songambele organization who had prepared different games to play with the children.

Students started the day by singing and dancing within the classroom, led by Madam Doreen and Madam Glory.  Then all tutors, students, and visitors went outside for more games.  The children started jumping rope and each student had to participate in playing a game called rede.  It was fun, and the children enjoyed playing and were happy.

Next, the Songambele visitors started playing with children.  Mr. Abdul divided them in a group of twelve students.  Then they had to be in two teams, each team with six students, and each one give a set of colored balls, red or blue.  The leader of the game, Mr. Abdul, had put one white ball on the center of the ground and one child from each group had to throw a ball until it reached near by the white ball or on the same level with the white ball.  The kids had to compete until there was a winner from one group, and the group which won was the blue group.  The children were happy and enjoyed the game.

Mr. Abdul taught another game whereby one tutor would ask another tutor a question concerning what children are taught in the classroom and the children had to say if the answer was correct or not.  At the same time, they had to pass a ball to each other in a line while the questions were being asked.  It was a bit hard for children to master the game and it took a short time to be played.

After that Mr. Abdul started a third game and provided five eggs to five children.  He also gave them containers, a magazine, and plastic bottles, and told each one to take one to put the egg inside.  He told them to be creative, to put up anything and throw up the egg, and when it reaches the ground again, the egg should not break.  Some of the children put eggs in a container and added sand.  One child tied an egg in the magazine, but when he threw up his eggs, four eggs were totally broken after falling down but one egg only broke a small part, and it was given to the child to take home.  The aim of this game was to teach the children creativity.

The last game was conducted in the classroom, and Miss Lillian provided balloons to all the students and also provided to them a piece of sticker paper and each child had to write what she or he likes and put their paper on their balloon and to take it home.  The children were so happy and had a lot of fun, and so did the tutors and the visitors from Songambele.

The recommendations from the staff were that it’s good to invite other organizations to participate in sport and games with the Toa kids.  It helps both the children and tutors to learn new games from outsiders and gain new knowledge which will help them in different activities.  Also, combining all the children during playing helps children in social development.”