You may recall that earlier this year (pre-Covid, if you can even imagine that), we started a classroom and toilet refurbishment project at some of the participating public school sites that we work with.  We do not usually provide this type of support, instead focusing on capacity-building of tutors in order to support vulnerable learners, but because we work with the District Education Office of Moshi Municipality and they have long been after us for help with some assistance for the physical aspects of their schools, we decided to throw a bit of aid their way.  The DEO and others in his office have been so accommodating to Toa and understanding of what we do that when the opportunity to fund these small repairs came our way, we really could not refuse!

The funding came via a small grant from Friends of Tanzania, an American NGO that is comprised primarily of returned Peace Corps volunteers, and we started Phase 1 at Jamhuri, Kiboriloni, and Shaurimoyo Primary Schools at the start of 2020.  This phase was completed in March just before schools closed in Tanzania for 3 1/2 months due to the pandemic.

Fortunately, we were able to pick up with Phase 2 when schools reopened at the beginning of July and we completed that phase at the end of August.  This time, we did repairs at Jitegemee, Kaloleni, and Mnazi Primary Schools as you can see below in some photos from the project.

Before at Jitegemee


After at Jitegemee


Before at Kaloleni


After at Kaloleni


Handymen working at Mnazi


Our third and final phase began at the start of November and we should see a report and photos from the field shortly.  This phase should include Korongoni, Magereza, Moshi, and Msandaka Primary Schools.

Finally, Friends of Tanzania put out a showcase video of the work that all their local partners did over the course of 2020 and Toa Nafasi made the cut!  Check out the video here or below!!