The latest Teacher Feature puts the spotlight on Rehema Mpangala who joined Toa in 2019 for the expansion into five new schools, but who quickly rose to prominence as the Head Tutor of one of those new schools, Jamhuri Primary.  One of our more mature staff members, Rehema is steady and even-keeled, and has a very reassuring air about her even while being committed to learning new things on the job.  She is a pleasure to work with!


“When I was a little girl, I loved much studying and I had a hope of getting a job after my studies.  Apart from that, I faced different challenges during my studies like I didn’t have enough key learning requirements such as uniforms and classroom equipment like books.  Also, our school was very far from our home which made me sometimes to be late in reaching at school on time.

Before joining The Toa Nafasi Project, I was volunteering to teach children at one of the local kindergartens.  I loved what I was doing because I love children and I had a hope of getting more education about something else.  I heard about Toa Nafasi from one of my friends who was working with them already and, when they were searching for more tutors, I sent an application and I was called for an interview and luckily enough I was selected to start working as a tutor with The Toa Nafasi Project.

If I was not working with Toa Nafasi, I wouldn’t be able to meet some of my basic needs because before joining Toa, I wasn’t making enough salary to meet all my needs.  One thing that pushed me to work with Toa Nafasi is that I love children and I like to understand various methods of teaching “slow learners.”  I want to help children with learning difficulties to become good students and to be able to reach their goals like all other children.

The success I have in my job is that I have taught a lot of struggling learners, and they have managed to know reading, writing, and counting well.  They have become good students due to various teaching methods I use and they are now very passionate about school.  I have also managed to pay for rent and water and electricity.  I thank The Toa Nafasi Project because right now I can meet all my needs and even assist my relatives.

The day I was so happy which I will never forget in my job is the day I was told I would be among the people who will be given a bonus because I was a hard worker!  I felt very good and that motivated me to work even harder.

My perspective towards life has changed a lot since joining Toa.  I have come to understand that children with learning difficulties should be given support and enough time to learn in order to become good students because they actually can do it and are not lost causes.

My advice to parents is that they should give good words to children which encourage them to learn well and to love school.  Also, teachers should not neglect struggling students and the community at large should cooperate with teachers in helping such children to reach their goals.”