As you all well know, Fridays are Fundays at The Toa Nafasi Project.  We’ve now compiled enough reports, photos, and videos from these days to create a new series to go along with our existing series: Friday Workshops, Alumni Annals, and Teacher Features.

Check out September 11th, 2020 at Jitegemee Primary School with Toa tutors Rose Chaki, Doreen Ulomi, and Hajra Lema.


“There were play and games at Jitegemee Primary School, Pasua Ward on Friday, September 11th.  Tutors had prepared a storytelling called ‘Kode and Kole.’  Also they had prepared songs with interactive dances.

Madam Rose Chaki started the presentation at 10am in the morning, and she began by welcoming all students and asking them some questions like how do they feel and if they have ever read a storybook and how do they feel when they listen to stories.

Then she started reading the stories to the children and at the same time she had provided some storybooks to the other tutors, Madam Doreen Olomi and Madam Hajra Lema.  As Rose was reading stories to children, Doreen and Hajra were going around and showing children pictures found in the storybooks according to the flow of the story.  The children enjoyed the story and were laughing so hard; it was very enjoyable and fun.

After Rose finished, she asked the children some questions concerning the story.  For example, she asked how many of them wash fruits before eating, and mention the types of fruits they know.  The children were happy and responded to the questions asked.

Finally, all the tutors and students started singing and dancing, and the song was according to the theme of the story, so it was very sweet and enjoyable.

Along with our education volunteer, Belina, the tutors concluded that they should be given a trunk to keep their tools for sports and teaching materials because they are being stolen, and that the time for sport and games should be enough for all children to participate.”