Another installment of our Friday Fundays series is now available, this one from September 18th, 2020.


“Students and tutors at Msaranga Primary School participated in sport and games on Friday, September 18th.  The tutors had prepared a game using cards which had drawings and were colored with different paints which were very attractive to the children.  The game started at 10am and Madam Imelda Urio, the Head Tutor at Msaranga, led the students to start playing.

Children began games by jumping and doing physical exercises while singing different songs.  After that, the children and Madam Imelda sat on a mat and Imelda started to ask each child to pick a card which was put face down and covered.  The child had to pick randomly any card and tell the name of a picture drawn on a card and the color of the picture found.  It was a nice and fun game that the children enjoyed much and wished to continue playing the whole day!

After the game, Madam Hyasinta Macha and Madam Happy Njau asked questions to the children on what they have learned by playing the game.  The children were very happy and answered the questions with delight.

Education volunteer Belina recommended that the tutors should prepare for indoor games such as these, but also outdoor games.”