We have been hosting our partner organization The Songambele Initiative to come and join us for Friday Fundays.  Please see below from Friday, October 2nd, 2020 at Mnazi Primary School for the full report!


“Sports and games were conducted at Mnazi Primary School on Friday, October 2nd.  Activities started at 10am with visitors from Songambele including Mr. Abdullah, Miss Lillian, and Miss Beatrice as well as Toa Nafasi tutors, Madam Dorcas Laizer and Madam Victoria Mushi.  Both tutors of Toa Nafasi and guests from Songambele had prepared different games for the children.

Madam Victoria Mushi led students to begin singing and dancing where they formed a circle and started to play a game called Yai Bovu (The Rotten Egg).  After that game, children were divided into two groups, the first group was led by Miss Lillian, Miss Beatrice, and Madam Victoria and the second group was led by Mr. Abdullah and Madam Dorcas.

Mr. Abdullah grouped the children in sets of ten students in which they had to be in two teams, each team with five students, provided with small balls of a certain color.  The first team was given blue balls and the second team was given red balls.  As the leader of the game, Mr. Abdullah had put one white ball in the centre of the ground and one child from each team had to throw a ball until it reaches near by the white ball or on the same level with the white ball.  The children had to compete until whoever got the most balls close by the white one was the winner, in this case the team with the red balls.

After the game, the children began jumping rope and playing Simoni Kasema (Simon Says).  In that game, children had to touch their body parts or make an action but only if Simoni kasema.  They found this so fun and enjoyable, and through this game, the tutors were able to teach parts of the body and action words.

Miss Lillian conducted another game where the children had to count until ten while singing.  They also arranged a line and each child got a chance to kick a ball.  It was noted that there should be enough time for all children to participate in all games prepared and that motivating the children during playtime makes them enjoy playing.”