We have another Friday Workshop report from Moshi.  This session was a peer-led event from September 25th, 2020.  Enjoy!


“The workshop started at 1pm and Madam Nelly Lyatuu was the main facilitator of the session.  She began by welcoming all the attendees and after that, she introduced the main topic which was Teaching Tools.

As other facilitators have done in the past, Nelly provided questions to her fellow tutors to discuss in groups, and then she explained how she was going to present the topic which was going to be participatory in nature.  The questions she posed to the group were: What are teaching and learning tools?  What is the importance of using teaching tools for children?  What are the materials used in making teaching tools?

Nelly then began the presentation by listening to the answers from each group who had designated one member to share their ideas, and all the staff discussed them as a whole.  After that, the facilitator began explaining the meaning of teaching tools.  Also she explained in deep the importance of using such tools in teaching and she explained how to make different teaching tools.

Lastly, she had prepared a lot of teaching tools which were very attractive and so she showed them to the tutors and explained how to prepare them so that they too have the knowledge as to how to prepare different teaching tools.

Nelly’s objectives were to make sure that her colleagues were aware of how to make different teaching tools which are very attractive to their students.  Attractive tools are very important because they help in stimulating the eyes of the children which further helps in their development.  Also, attractive tools entice a child to concentrate and to enjoy looking at what he or she is being taught.

The tutors agreed to be very creative and to prepare enough teaching tools in each school using ideas from Nelly’s workshop.”