We have another report from a Friday Funday in Moshi!  Please check it out below!!


“There were sport and games at Kaloleni Primary School where activities started at 10am on Friday, October 16th, 2020.  Madam Clara Munuo, Madam Leah Mboya, and Madam Haika Motta had prepared different activities for their students.  They began by welcoming all the children to sit on the mkeka or mat.  Madam Clara took the lead among the tutors to guide the activities.

Madam Clara began by reading a storybook to the children called “Tatu na Bata.”  As she read, she showed the pictures to the children and asked them questions about the story and the pictures.  In the middle of the story, Clara asked the children to dance and sing as there were songs found in the storybook.  The kids were so happy and enjoyed listening to the story very much.  After reading the story, Madam Clara posed questions to the students according to the story and what they learned, testing their memories of the story.

After that, Madam Haika led the kids to play another game which involved a group of six children.  Five chairs were put in the middle of the room and the six kids had to run around the chairs while the others who were not participating in the game were counting up to 10 and when they reached the number 10, those going around the chairs had to sit on any chair they could.  The one who missed the chair was “out” and they continued playing this game removing chairs until they got a final winner.  Then another group of six children would play.  After naming the winners, the tutors asked the children questions on what they had learned from such a game.  The children were extremely happy and wished to continue playing but the time was not enough.

The recommendations from Madams Clara, Leah, and Haika were that there should be enough storybooks to give to children during storytelling and not only the teacher to be holding the book but also the children.  This will help them to know how to hold a book, turn the pages, and care for a book so they can read it again and again.  The tutors also said that children should be aware of the importance of sport and games so that can they play with heart and enjoy what they do.”