On Friday, October 9th, 2020, there were sport and games at Jamhuri Primary School.  The activities started at 10am.  Madam Rehema Mpangala had prepared different games for the children to participate in playing such as cards with letters and numbers where the children had to compete in running while giving each other these cards and sticks.

Games started in the classroom whereby Madam Mpangala began by asking the students to mention the games they played on the last Friday Funday, and the children were happy and answered her questions.  After that she explained to the children how they were going to conduct running while exchanging sticks and cards with letters and numbers, and then after the explanation and examples, the kids went outside to begin playing.

The children were grouped into two groups and one group stood on one side of the ground and the second group stood on the other side of the ground and then they began competing by running while exchanging cards and sticks with each other, which they enjoyed much and were happy.

Next Madam Mpangala announced the winners and then the children started singing and dancing before she ended the session.  Madam Mpangala recommended that there should be enough time for students to participate in games because it seems time for sport and games is not enough.