Another Friday Funday was conducted on October 23rd, 2020, this time at Moshi Primary School.  Songambele joined the Toa tutors once again as the partnership between our two organizations seems to be really great fun for both the kids and the grown-ups!  See the report below!!


“There were sport and games at Moshi Primary School, starting from 10am the morning of Friday, October 23rd.  Activities were led by Madam Sarah Minja and Madam Noela Baraka as well as guests from Songambele, Mr. Abdul and Miss Happy, who had prepared different games for children to play.

Students started playing by doing different physical exercises like singing and dancing.  After that, they started skipping rope while counting numbers in a competition, and at the end they got a winner who managed to jump many times.  The game was enjoyable and challenging led by Sarah and Noela.

Next, the Songambele visitors started playing with children.  Miss Happy grouped them in groups of ten students, and in each group of ten there were two smaller groups of five students.  The five-student groups were provided with small balls of either red or blue color.  Then they began playing the game which Miss Happy led.  She had put one white ball in the center of the ground and one child from each group had to throw a ball of his or her group’s color until it reached nearby the white ball or on the same level with the white ball.  The children had to compete until there was a winner from one of the groups, and the group that won was the red ball group.  The children were happy and enjoyed the game.

Next, Mr. Abdul led one group of twenty students to play a game called hoop jumping, which involved each child to run in a circle, jumping containers which had been placed on the ground.  After reaching to the last container, the child had to do a little dance which was very fun for the kids.

On top of that, Mr. Abdul led another game of rope jumping where each child had to jump and cross a rope but also pick a small ball after jumping and cross back, giving a ball to another child.  It was good and the children enjoyed even though a child who would fail to cross the rope was a loser of the game.

Lastly, a final game was conducted by Miss Happy which involved a ball closed on a stick with a rope.  Miss Happy had to hold it up and the children passed down underneath.  If the ball touched a child, then he or she becomes a loser of the game.  The kids also enjoyed this fun activity.

The recommendations from all the adults were that the kids should have enough tools and materials to use in sport and games.”