The October 16, 2020 Friday Workshop was peer-led by Toa’s longtime tutor Clara Munuo and regarded the topic of Poultry Farming.  Keeping chickens is a very typical way of both providing food for the household and earning some small extra income.  Tanzanians often rely on subsistence farming ventures to supplement their other work, so this particular workshop falls under the “life skills” category of the kinds of trainings Toa offers to our tutors.

“The workshop started at 1pm on Friday, October 16th with Miss Belina opening the activities by welcoming all the attendees and introducing the main facilitator of the workshop, Madam Clara Munuo.

Next was an introduction of the topic called Poultry Farming, which was presented and shared by the facilitator who would use the participatory method of sharing the topic.  Madam Clara gave a chance to her fellow tutors to share different opinions concerning poultry farming, and provided questions to them to discuss in groups with one member from each group presenting their ideas.

Then Clara started the training by discussing the answers summarized by the tutors’ small groups and began her presentation.  She mentioned various types of poultry farming and she explained important factors needed to be successful such as a big room with good air conditions, medicine for killing insects, containers for storing feed and the feed itself.

Clara continued to explain about different diseases which affect chickens and can destroy a poultry farming business as well as the medicine to use in case disease happens to enter the coop.  But she recommended strongly to avoid such a circumstance!

Lastly, she ended the session by welcoming all tutors to ask questions and to give different suggestions concerning the topic.  Her objective was to provide her fellow tutors with knowledge about poultry farming which will help them to be good entrepreneurs later in life.

Mr. Augustino and Miss Belina noted that it’s good for the tutors to present their own workshops because it makes them to be confident and to learn how to speak to the public.”