We are now a good two months into the new year and I am just going through some old photos that never made it to the blog in 2020.  Hence this post is a bit of a mishmash of images from last year which I thought I’d just throw up and see what sticks!  Honestly, it’s kind of amazing to see what good times we were able to have during such a tumultuous period!!

Not even a pandemic could dampen the spirits of our party-loving staff at the end of the last academic year.  Augustino, Belina, and Navo serve up cake to the tutors and partners like Novatus Marandu from Linda Community.


Late Toa co-founder Vumi Temba’s daughter, Grace, graduated from Standard Four!


Toa administrators along with partner organizations The Songambele Initiative and Gabriella Children’s Rehab Center met for lunch with program managers from our collective grantor, The Segal Family Foundation.


We were one of the organizations to whom Songambele awarded a certificate of appreciation for a truly rewarding partnership.


And finally, our lovely and talented Tutor Leader, the longest tenured member of Toa staff, Hyasinta Macha, got married!  We wish her all the best!!