Meet Toa tutor Linah Peter who is stationed at Jamhuri Primary School in the heart of Moshi town, Kilimanjaro!


“I grew up loving to play.  I enjoyed much playing rede and football.  What I disliked about school was getting bitten by teachers as punishment, but it didn’t make me stop going to school until I completed my studies.

Before joining Toa Nafasi, I was in college.  Later on, I heard about Toa from my friend who was working there as a tutor.  I was inspired by what she did in helping schoolchildren with learning difficulties so when I heard Toa Nafasi needed more tutors, I sent an application and became a tutor myself after passing an interview.

If I was not working with Toa Nafasi my life would be difficult, but I think I would be engaging in some small businesses.  One thing which motivated me to work with Toa is that I love children and I loved how Toa was helping children to become good students.

I have had many successes in my job at Toa.  I have taught many struggling learners and they have become good students.  I have learned that children who have learning difficulties can be motivated and given enough time to learn slowly and with support; then they become good students.  Also, for me, my life has changed a lot: I am now independent and I meet all my own needs.

I will never forget the day I was called to start working with The Toa Nafasi Project; I was so happy to start teaching the children and working with my fellow tutors.

My recommendation to parents, teachers, and the community is that they should not neglect children with learning difficulties, but rather they should encourage, support, and motivate them to learn slowly according to their needs so as to become good students.”