Meet Miss Victoria Slaa, tutor at Msandaka Primary School!

“When I was a kid, I used to love sport and games.  I really enjoyed jumping ropes and running.  During my childhood, I was lazy to get up in the morning to get ready for school.  I loved sleeping very much so sometimes I was being late to school.

I love children very much, so before joining Toa Nafasi I was volunteering to teach children at one of the centers in town.  I heard about Toa Nafasi from one teacher who was teaching at Msaranga Primary School.  I then made an application and luckily, I was selected to become a tutor.

Working with Toa Nafasi has changed my life a lot.  I have become independent and I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a teacher.  If I was not working with The Toa Nafasi Project, I would be engaging in some small business.  But because I love children and I love teaching, that is one of the reasons which motivated me to work with Toa Nafasi.

The success I have achieved in my job is that I have taught many children with learning difficulties and they have become good students.  Some of the children were confusing numbers, for example numbers 9 and 6, but I have taught them and they have managed to master it well.  Also, personally I have developed much as before joining Toa Nafasi, I was not able to pay rent but right now I can pay rent and depend on my own for living.

The day I will never forget is the day I was taught about people with autism in a Friday workshop.  I was very happy to hear about this because I didn’t know about it before the training and it explained a lot to me about some of the more severe learning difficulties people can have.

My perspective towards life has changed a lot since I joined Toa Nafasi.  First, I have been so respected by society due to the kind of job I do, but also I have learned how to help children with learning difficulties and I have managed to teach many slow learners and they have become good students.

My advice to parents, teachers, and the community at large is that all children are equal despite of their differences, so children with learning difficulties or any other difficulty should be treated normally and equally, supported and loved like others.”